Embrace Your Journey, Deepen Your Faith

Welcome to Leaning Into God, a sacred online space dedicated to guiding and nurturing you on your spiritual journey. Our mission is to give you what you need to explore, learn, and experience the profound wisdom and love of God.

Our Purpose

At Leaning Into God, we believe that the path to deep, unshakable faith is a personal and transformative journey. Our purpose is to help you along this journey by offering a wide range of teachings, resources, and a supportive community that empowers you to embrace a deeper understanding of God’s teachings. 

We know that everyone’s journey is unique, and we’re committed to providing a platform that meets you wherever you are on your path. We’re devoted to upholding the values of love, respect, and inclusivity, creating an environment where everyone can feel welcome and valued. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire people of all backgrounds, ages, interests, and lifestyles to embark on a journey of spiritual growth and transformation. We envision a world where people are deeply rooted in their faith, living with purpose, compassion, and a profound connection to God. Through Leaning Into God, we hope to empower you to embrace your own unique spiritual identity and live it out authentically in your daily life.

Key Values and Beliefs of Leaning Into God Community

Whether you’re seeking personal growth, a stronger connection with your faith, or valuable resources for study, Leaning Into God is here to guide you every step of the way.
Spiritual Nurturing and Growth

At the heart of our community lies the commitment to nurture and encourage spiritual growth in every individual. We believe in the transformative power of spirituality in shaping lives and guiding personal journeys.

Inclusivity and Respect

We uphold the values of inclusivity and respect, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds, ages, interests, and lifestyles. We are dedicated to creating an environment where every person feels valued, respected, and part of our spiritual family.

Compassion and Purposeful Living

Living with compassion and purpose, guided by our faith, is a cornerstone of our community. We encourage each member to embody these qualities in their daily lives, creating a positive impact on themselves and others.

Love and Community Support

The foundation of our community is built on love and support. We are committed to being a supportive network for each other, offering encouragement, understanding, and a place to turn to in times of need.

Empowerment through Knowledge and Prayer

We are committed to empowering our members through a rich offering of spiritual teachings, reflective readings, and prayer. We understand the power of knowledge and prayer in strengthening faith and providing comfort and guidance.

Our Offerings

1. Group & Self-Study Spiritual Teachings: Leaning Into God is a hub for both group study and self-guided resources. Our curated collection of spiritual teachings, reflective readings, and in-depth studies are designed to ignite meaningful conversations and self-discovery. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned spiritual seeker, you’ll find resources that resonate with your heart and spirit.

2. Prayer Ministry: We understand the power of prayer in nurturing the soul. Our prayer ministry is dedicated to holding a sacred space where you can submit your prayer requests, connect with others in prayer, and experience the comfort of knowing that you’re not alone on your journey. Our prayer warriors are here to uplift you and provide spiritual support.

3. Community Support: We have a vibrant and welcoming community of fellow seekers. Engage in discussions, share your thoughts, be encouraged and encourage others who are walking a similar path. Together, we create a safe space for open dialogue and the exchange of spiritual experiences.


Join Us

Leaning Into God is more than just a website – it’s a virtual sanctuary where your spiritual exploration is honored and your questions are celebrated! As you browse through our offerings, engage with other community members, and immerse yourself in God, we hope you find the peace, inspiration, and growth you seek on your journey.