Prayer Wall

List of Prayer Requests

  1. Emma Johnson: For healing from a long-term illness.
  2. Michael Smith: For strength in overcoming addiction.
  3. Isabella Martinez: For peace in a troubled marriage.
  4. Liam Brown: For guidance in making a crucial career decision.
  5. Sophia Garcia: For comfort after the loss of a loved one.
  6. Noah Davis: For success in upcoming exams.
  7. Mia Wilson: For safety during a military deployment.
  8. Ethan Miller: For reconciliation with an estranged family member.
  9. Olivia Anderson: For financial stability amidst job loss.
  10. Aiden Moore: For courage to pursue a dream despite fears.
  11. Ava Taylor: For resolution of a long-standing legal issue.
  12. Jackson Thomas: For a friend struggling with mental health issues.
  13. Emily Jackson: For the homeless and needy in the community.
  14. Lucas White: For wisdom in parenting a challenging child.
  15. Charlotte Harris: For healing of a broken relationship.
  16. Benjamin Martin: For protection from natural disasters affecting the region.
  17. Amelia Lee: For strength to forgive someone who caused harm.
  18. Logan Young: For clarity in discerning a religious vocation.
  19. Harper Hernandez: For relief from chronic pain and suffering.
  20. Mateo Rodriguez: For a safe pregnancy and healthy baby.
  21. Ella Hall: For the end of violence and conflict in a war-torn country.
  22. Landon Lewis: For the courage to overcome fear of failure.
  23. Zoe Walker: For guidance in supporting a child with special needs.
  24. Gabriel Allen: For the success of a small business venture.
  25. Lily King: For comfort and support in battling cancer.
  26. Alexander Wright: For the healing of a community after a tragic event.
  1. Madison Scott: For patience and perseverance in a difficult work environment.
  2. James Robinson: For wisdom in making ethical decisions at work.
  3. Victoria Adams: For the restoration of a damaged environment.
  4. Samuel Baker: For peace of mind amidst anxiety and stress.
  5. Sophie Nelson: For guidance in a journey towards spiritual growth.
  6. Michael Carter: For healing from the effects of past abuse.
  7. Isabelle Perez: For strength in resisting temptation.
  8. Daniel Mitchell: For the unity and harmony within a community.
  9. Grace Campbell: For success in a new educational endeavour.
  10. Oliver Phillips: For healing in a city plagued by crime and violence.
  11. Avery Turner: For guidance in building a meaningful relationship.
  12. Mason Parker: For the protection of children in vulnerable situations.
  13. Chloe Edwards: For wisdom in political leadership for the betterment of society.
  14. Luke Collins: For the growth and flourishing of a local church.
  15. Layla Stewart: For comfort for those suffering from loneliness and isolation.
  16. Jack Sanchez: For the eradication of a life-threatening disease.
  17. Isaac Morris: For strength in dealing with a difficult life transition.
  18. Natalie Murphy: For guidance in how to help a friend in crisis.
  19. Dylan Cook: For peace and reconciliation in a divided community.
  20. Zoey Rivera: For the courage to speak out against injustice.
  21. Henry Brooks: For the healing of a nation facing economic hardship.
  22. Savannah Foster: For guidance in the ethical use of technology.
  23. Ryan Howard: For the protection of endangered species and habitats.
  24. Julia Cox: For wisdom in making life-altering decisions.