Unveiling the Divine Presence: Finding God in the Ordinary

In the midst of our busy lives, it can be challenging to notice the subtle yet profound signs of God’s presence. Our daily routines, filled with tasks, distractions, noise, and more, often prevent us from seeing the divine touch in the normal ol’ world around us.

God’s presence is not confined to grandiose events or religious settings; it’s in every aspect of our existence! Finding God in the ordinary moments is the key to living a life filled with wonder and awe… And it’s not as hard as it might seem.

Nature's Canvas

Observing the Divine In Nature

Nature, in its infinite variety and beauty, is a canvas painted by the divine hand! Think of the intricate patterns of a leaf, the graceful flight of a bird, or the mesmerizing rhythm of ocean waves.

These beautiful things are not mere coincidences! They’re expressions of God’s artistry and creativity. The planet breathes with divine life… Every drop of rain, every sun beam, every whisper of wind is another little hint of God.

By taking moments to appreciate natural wonders, we can connect with the divine artist behind them. Next time you’re out and about, stop for a moment and take it all in—you’re looking God right in the face as you do so!

Practical Tips for Finding God In Nature:

  • Spend time in nature whenever you can. 
  • Observe the little details of the environment. 
  • Use your senses; see, hear, smell, feel! 
  • Practice mindfulness during outdoor activities. 
  • Reflect on the interconnectedness of all living things. 
  • Try praying outdoors when you can. 
  • Don’t like the heat/rain? Remember its purpose! 

Human Kindness

God’s Love In Interactions With People

Acts of kindness and compassion are reflections of God’s love. The simple gesture of a stranger holding the door, a friend lending a sympathetic ear, or a colleague offering encouragement are small instances where the divine shines through human actions.

Of course, it can be tough to find God when you’re faced with less pleasant people! But these situations offer a different opportunity—a chance for YOU to show divine kindness to someone else.

Life is unpredictable. Each day brings with it both of the above—moments of others showing little bits of God to you, and times when you can show God to others. Be mindful of both moments and recognize them when they happen!

Practical Tips for Finding God In Others:

  • Acknowledge and express gratitude for acts of kindness. 
  • Engage in random acts of kindness yourself. 
  • Take a beat before reacting to anything. 
  • See the divine in everyone. Yes… Everyone!

Simple Joys

Finding God in Everyday Pleasures

The divine is present in so many of life’s simple joys. A cup of coffee enjoyed in silence, or that first hit of wake-up coffee in the morning! Savor the taste, enjoy the warmth, drink in that aroma.

The pages of a compelling book can hold words with the ability to change your feelings and bring about deep realizations. Even something as mundane as the softness of your favorite chair or a leisurely walk can be sources of immense spiritual pleasure.

These kinds of moments, though mundane and maybe even a little boring, can be profound in their ability to connect us to the divine. Next time you find yourself doing something without even thinking, take a moment and look for God. He’s there!

Practical Tips:

  • Practice mindfulness in daily activities. 
  • Take time to appreciate the small things that bring joy. 
  • Be thankful for life’s simple pleasures. 
  • Use your senses; be thankful for them and what they give you!

Gratitude for Life's Blessings

Acknowledging God's Gifts

Our health, family, friends, jobs, and pets are gifts from the divine. Even challenges can be gifts, although it’s a little harder to see them that way! 

Embracing gratitude helps us recognize blessings and God’s presence in them. By appreciating what we have, we open our hearts to the divine and experience a deeper sense of fulfillment. 

The trick here is to continue to be grateful even when we don’t have a lot. That’s one of the hardest parts about finding God in the ordinary—when your “ordinary” is difficult, you might wonder if God’s even there. 

But even the smallest of things can be blessings. One good friend. Having enough to eat. Dog cuddles. Feeling good on a day. Blessings are there!

Practical Tips for Finding God In Life’s Blessings:

  • Keep a gratitude journal (and write at least one thing in it every day!) 
  • Reflect daily on the blessings in your life (even if you have to dig deep). 
  • Share your gratitude with others. 
  • Say gratitude prayers. 
  • Look for the good in everything.

Silence and Reflection

Connecting with God In the Quiet

In the stillness of our hearts, away from the noise of the world, we find a sacred space to connect with God. Silence and reflection give us space to dive deeper into our spiritual journey, creating a more intimate relationship with the divine and with ourselves. 

Finding quiet time can be a challenge, though! Life is noisy, busy, and bustling. You can find God in every busy, crazy moment, but it’s those quiet, intimate times that truly open you up to deep reflection and give you the space to connect more strongly with the divine. 

In these moments, it’s just you and God. No distractions. No outside influence. Just like you need to spend quality time with your spouse, quality time with God is a way to connect more deeply and learn more about both God and yourself. 

Practical Tips for Finding God In the Silence:

  • Dedicate time each day for meditation or prayer (even if it’s just 10 minutes). 
  • Create a quiet space in your home for reflection. 
  • Try exercising without music! 
  • Listen to how you feel in the silence.


Finding God in the ordinary, boring moments of everyday life transforms our perception of the world. It helps us see beyond the mundane, revealing the divine love and beauty that’s hidden in everything and everyone. 

By being mindful of nature, appreciating human kindness, finding joy in simple things, being grateful, and embracing silence, we open ourselves to new levels of wonder and closeness with God. 

Remember, even in moments of doubt or chaos, the signs of God’s presence are all around us, waiting to be discovered. Next time you feel far from the divine, take a moment and look around. He’s there, right next to you!

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